Challenges of Finding the Right Robot

Identifying the right robot for your needs from the vast spectrum of industrial automation solutions, is a complex task.

High Complexity of Overwhelming Choice

With so many robots and so much technical jargon out there, finding the right fit for your business can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Difficult to Assess the Impact

Selecting a robot isn't just another purchase. Every choice is a strategic move, carrying significant opportunity costs and implications. This serves as key to securing a choice that serves today's needs and tomorrow's goals.

Opportunity Cost of the Wrong Choice

The impact of choosing an unsuitable robot extends far beyond the initial cost, these hidden layers of opportunity cost impacts your business's profitability and competitiveness, make buying a robot just a technical choice but a pivotal business decision.

Challenges of Fragmented Decision Making

Different departments have diffferent priorities, these divergent viewpoints are crucial but challenging, necessitating a streamlined approach that turns fragmented internal efforts into a cohesive strategy for selecting the ideal robot. 

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Simplify your Search for the Right Robot

Navigating industrial automation with confidence

Robotikos simplifies for you! With our intuitive platform and advanced search options, you can identify the best option within minutes.

We filter through the noise and recommend you the best suited robot. Save you from the hustle, ensuring you find the right fit for your business swiftly and efficiently.

Demystifying Impact Assessment

Robotikos offers you a robust Analytics tool.We provide detailed comparisons and performance predictions, making every strategic move clear and impactful.

Our insights help you understand how each choice affects your operational efficiency, productivity and ensuring you make a decision that serves both today's needs and tomorrow's goals. 

Addressing the Opportunity Cost

Robotikos mitigates this risk by offering a comprehensive view of each robot's capabilities and limitations,helping you truly understand the opportunity cost of choosing one robot over the another.

With Robotikos, every choice is informed, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and ensuring your investment adds value to your business.

Robotikos Simplifies Decision Making

Robotikos streamlines the decision-making process for integrating a new robot. We offer a unified platform that brings together different departments and aligns them towards a common goal.

Our tool turns the complex, multi-stage journey of robot selection into a cohesive and efficient experience, ensuring that every stakeholder is on the same page and working towards enhancing operational capabilities. 

Robotikos will navigate you through the complexities of industrial automation with ease.

How it Works

Robotikos makes finding the Right Robot: clear, informed and tailored to your unique industrial context within just 3 steps.

Step 1: Select the Best Options with our Smart Search Tool

Just set a few specification of robots and you will get the best most suitable robot for your need.

Our intelligent algorithm sifts through a vast database of nearly 800 robots from 14 leading vendors and find the robot for you.

Get a side-by-side view, designed to improve cognitive decision-making. Save time by just checking the robots relevant to you.

Robotikos Search Webapp
Robotikos Analysis input Dashboard

Step 2: Input Your Data for Custom Insights

Input your data to generate financial, technical and operational reports. These will help you analyse and quantify the future impact of each robot on your business.

You are starting new and don't know what inputs you need, no problem! We do industry-standard assumptions for you.

Personalize your reports for most accurate and relevant results, tailored to your unique operational environment. Save and store custom data for future needs.

Step 3: Receive Comprehensive, Predictive Reports

Once the data is provided, we will use our smart Analytics tools to generate precised reports on selected robots.

We provide 3 types of reports to bring all the perspectives in one place.

  • Financial Reports to mitigate risks, Cost-efficient selection with maximize ROI.
  • Operational Reports to maximize workflow efficiency and productivity.
  • Technical Reports to Analyse technical compatibility of each robot for seamless integration.
Robotikos Report Dashboard

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